Our gardening and adopt-a-plant  program provides our members an alternative to high-priced herbs by providing a means for members to cultivate their own plants and get more affordable access to medicinal herbs.

Patient-members who are interested in our program are offered access to select clones and seeds from our genetic vaults and those of our master growers.

We provide assistance in the cultivation, upkeep and processing of all herbs and plants. Patient-members who harvest more than they need for their own personal needs are able to donateback into the club for trade with other members, and/or are compensated for their time and resources.

Our goal is to make your harvest as successful as possible and to decrease the cost of homeopathic herbs and medicines for all of our members. Several of our patient-members have already cut their monthly costs by more than 50 percent and some to virtually zero.

Furthermore, members already growing can ask for assistance in the upkeep and maintenance of their own personal gardens. We simply ask for a membership fee for gardening assistance to cover the cost of travel and time for our grow specialist.  

Membership fees can range from $70 to $300 a month, depending on the size of the garden, and bartering opportunities may also be available. Gardens enrolled in our monthly-service program are visited once to twice a week for upkeep and maintenance. 

Our grow specialist can create a custom programs, such as indoor hydroponic or greenhouse systems,  to meet individual growing needs, whether based on space available or budget. We also assist in the upkeep of outdoor and indoor gardens, and offer ongoing to technical support through the whole process.

Members in our gardening program,  can visit of one of our retail partners for discounts when purchasing equipment, supplies or nutrients or can make orders directly through us. We also offer exclusive access to enriched nutrient water from organic aquaponic systems for a service fee.  We want our members to have the most successful gardening experience possible.  


To learn more about our gardening program register for membership on the becoming a member page or email us at topangagardens@gmail.com. 

Gardens and Upkeep

Clones and Seeds

Building a Community

Topanga Gardens 

Topanga Gardens strives to enrich the lives of our collective members through sustainable homeopathic gardens, and agriculture in urban and natural settings.

We envision our members experiencing a direct and deep connection with plants and the land by networking and sharing their individual resources and knowledge with each other.  

We are striving to reach gardeners of all backgrounds to work alongside our organization to build an online and physical community. Our goal is to bring quality and affordable urban and natural homeopathic agriculture to our members.