Topanga Gardens 

Topanga Gardens Collective believes in the preservation of all healing plants and herbs,  as recognized under California law.

We believe in the preservation of all plant genetics, as many are used and researched for medicinal goals and the betterment of humankind.  Our goal is to help our members with the upkeep, construction and  cultivation of their own individual homeopathic gardens. The donations we receive go toward the costs of covering these services for our members.

We also believe in preserving plant genetics. Our organization aims to protect plant genetics via a local seed vault while providing people who are too sick and physically unable a means to cultivate healing plants and herbs for themselves.

We are a genuine cooperative and looking for like-minded individuals to get involved.  Our organization also provides special services for the disabled, such as free medication pick-up from commercial pharmacies, free meals and herbs, meditation classes, support and counseling.

We not only want to cultivate a healing garden for the benefit of all members, we also want to help them develop their own gardens  so that they can secure affordable access to medicinal herbs and plants for themselves and other qualified patients.

We form this collective under CA statutes and in accordance with California Health and Safety Code 11362.5. Topanga Gardens Collective serves  the greater Topanga communities. Our goal is to help our members cultivate, maintain and learn about medicinal plants and herbs. 

Our Story